Faculty of Education

About Us آخر تحديث 10/4/2022 12:16:30 PM

The college of education was founded in 1955-1374 as an institute for teachers under the Egyptian government administration. The goal was then to prepare and qualify undergraduate diploma teachers, to cope with sequential scientific advancement . The institute developed to an educational college in 1991-1421 known as the Governmental College of Education. Since then, the college underwent gradual great competition in its academic programs, educational plans and its academic staff that is considered a great educational constellation that gave graduation to huge numbers of professional B.A educational teachers and researchers in various branches of sciences. It also graduated good numbers of MA and Ph.D. graduates in the joint postgraduate studies program with Ain Shams University. In the light of these great achievements academically and administratively, the Ministry of Higher Education agreed in 1999 to transfer the College to "Al-Aqsa University" that started its mission at the beginning of the Academic year 2000-2001.Now the University presents 30 scientific majors.