Faculty of Education

Vision, Mission and objective آخر تحديث 10/5/2022 8:59:58 AM



The university attempt to be distinctive in its educational and professional programs both locally and regionally in addition to the teaching, learning, scientific research of the educational sciences and community service in accordance with global quality standards 




Al-Aqsa University college of education targets to prepare and qualify very distincted graduates in education sciences who are capable of continuous education through employing communication and information technology in the teaching and learning process. It also builds the students skills and talents. Moreover, it is concerned with the research and studies and presents  consultation to the local and regional communities for the purpose of activating the mutual knowledge movement in the Various educational sciences in accordance with global quality standards and professional ethics requirements






*Faithfulness and work perfection

*Credibility and Serious Commitment

*Authenticity and Creativity

*Quality and Distinction

*Mutual Respect and Constructive Competition

*Leadership and Well-Planning

*Confidence and Responsibility

*Team work and Initiative Spirit

*Ongoing Learning

*Community Contact and Service



On the level of students and teaching:1-1

1- Preparing and qualifying professional graduates in all educational sciences branches to meet the needs of the work market with distinctive qualification.

2-Developing the acquisition of different knowledge, science and experience skills that enable the students of the college to employ communication and information technology in the educational process.

3-Describing and accrediting the educational programs according to quality standards.

4-Improving the quality of the modern college labs, research and educational facilities to serve the educational process and scientific research.

5-Renewing and recruiting educational programs to appeal with the local and regional work-market.


2- On the Scientific Research level:

1- Raising the college candidates awareness towards the importance of distinctive scientific research.

2-Founding an attractive positive and scientific environment for the distinct local, regional and international scholars.

3-Enhancing scientific research and developing the students research skills through getting them involved in the research process.

4-Supporting the mutual scientific researches and research skills interaction between the college and the like on the local, regional and international level.

3-On the Community Service Level:

1-Activating the college role as an integrated consultation center in the educational science brackets

2-Building the relations between the college and community for serious contribution in community problem solving through being involved in scientific research in the fields of human arts and sciences.

3-Providing a mechanism for marketing the applied researches and consultations given by the college to serve and develop the community